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About NCL

Mission of the Company:
  • The introduction of advanced technology of laser puncture of biological tissues in various medical spheres.
  • Exclusion of patients and medical personnel infection risk during the puncture of finger tissue at blood sampling for further analysis.
The Company’s objective:

Development and organization of series production of modern laser lancets for blood sampling.

The NCL, LLC was registered in February 2014 with the participation of “New Technology Engineering Center”, LLC (hereinafter referred to as the “NTEC”) and Nanotechnology Center TECHNOSPARK in the city of Troitsk.

The idea of creating a joint company in view of the realization of the project on lacer lancets series production was caused by the presence of complementary competencies of the Parties.

NTEC LLC has many years of experience in producing high quality laser crystals. The company has developed the technology of laser lancing and created laser lancet Ermed-304. In cooperation with foreign companies, the laser lancing technology was successfully certified and tested in the US, Europe, China and South Korea.  In addition the company has a unique experience in small series production of Ermed-304 lacer lancet in Russia.

The Nanotechnology Center TECHNOSPARK is a platform for the launching and development of new technological start-ups and multi-purpose complex for development and production of the range of innovative industries. Besides financial capabilities, organizational competencies and expertise the Nanotechnology Center is a center of cooperation relations.  The Nanotechnology Center’s project portfolio includes in particular companies specializing in industrial design and development of electronic design for medical devices.

Collaboration of different companies together with personnel of TECHNOSPARK and personnel of  NTEC will allow the new company to create a new modern device and bring it to the market.

During the first stage of this collaboration the company created modern, reliable, ergonomic, stationary laser lancet ERBILITE for use in medical institutions.

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+7 903 517 97 66
Syrenvyi blvd.1, Troitsk, Moscow,  Russian Federation,108840