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  • absolute sterility
  • cost effectiveness
  • low pain
  • rapid healing of wounds
Emission wavelength 2940 nanometers (Er: YAG)
Pulse duration 150 – 600 microseconds

Use of laser radiation when compared with metal needles reduce tissue damage and avoids the use of metal lancets the use of which creates the risk of infection.


The laser lancet Erbilite is based upon the use of a single pulse of laser light at 2936 nm which ablates a tiny hole through the upper layers of the skin. This exposes the capillary blood vessels so that a blood sample can be taken and used with conventional analysis equipment. The use of laser light, as opposed to stainless steel, reduces tissue trauma and eliminates medical sharps as a potential source of cross contamination. Most patients report feeling less pain resulting from use of the laser lancet as compared to traditional metal lancet devices.

Financial benefits when used in medical institutions compared to modern metal lancets with retractable needle;

Laser radiation at the wavelength of 2940 nm is safe for the eyes and does not require the use of protective goggles during operation.

Much less painful than with standard metal lancet-needles

Exclusion of “medical negligence”;

Absolute sterility

Convenient and easy to use, requires no training


The Company’s objective: 

Development and organization of series production of modern laser lancets for blood sampling.

Mission of the Company:

  • The introduction of advanced technology of laser puncture of biological tissues in various medical spheres.
  • Exclusion of patients and medical personnel infection risk during the puncture of finger tissue at blood sampling for further analysis.
What is the main field of application of the laser lancet?

The lancet is intended for use by professional medical personnel for the collection of blood samples from patients in health care facilities, laboratories, blood transfusion stations and other medical institutions where the capillary blood is collected.

What is the operating principle of lacer lancet?

The laser lancet is made with regard to the pulsed erbium laser (YAG: Er) with a wavelength of 2.94 microns. The light optical absorption constant in water which contents in human tissues reaches up to 85%, at the given wavelength reaches extremely high values, which allows making a “microchannel” during the shortest possible time of 1/4000 sec. due to the evaporation of biological tissues. The finger’s punching procedure is made with minimal pain due to the absence of mechanical contact. The formed channel structure has a smooth, non-carbonated surface with good wound healing capability.

Does the lacer lancet provide sterile finger puncture procedure?

Yes. A distinctive feature is that the puncture is non-contact, in contrast to the use of metal needles, which are directly “penetrated” into the biological tissues and have contact with blood.

In addition, the puncture is made with the use of disposable plastic caps that ensure hygiene in the area of contact between adjacent tissues with the lancet, as well as protect the focusing lens of the device from the evaporation products.

What is included in the standard scope of delivery?

Lancet, manual, CD ROM with video instructions, disposable caps (1000 pcs.),AC-power adapter, foot pedal.

What is the warranty period for the laser lancet?

Standard 12-month warranty period

Do we need to use safety goggles or other specialized safety equipment from laser radiation?

NO. The use of goggles is not required with regard to the fact that a) the laser radiation is extremely small (single-pulse mode), b) the lancet design provides the protective shifting cap c) the lancet’s wavelength 2940 nm has a very high absorption of water, and therefore the unfocused laser radiation is safe for the human eye.

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